The Firm

When you hire one of our appellate experts, you get the entire team.

At Zimmerman Booher, you get more than an appellate specialist handling your appeal or drafting your dispositive motions. You get a team of seasoned appellate attorneys that includes former appellate judges. Our combined expertise is unparalleled in the market. Our attorneys have briefed, argued, or authored opinions in over 2,000 appeals. But don’t wait for a ruling. The sooner you engage us, the more we can help you. We have the specific skills and experience necessary to maximize your chances of success in the appellate court.

Based in Salt Lake City, our emphasis is in the Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals, but our attorneys have handled appeals in courts across the country, including the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Second, Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits, the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeals, and the Nevada Supreme Court.

Our attorneys have appealed cases involving constitutional issues, bankruptcy, products liability, professional torts, real property, contract law, family law, civil and criminal procedure, evidence, municipal law, civil rights, and administrative law.


We focus on appellate cases and in preparing district court cases for appeal. Our practice extends to all aspects of the presentation of issues to appellate courts, in both civil and criminal matters. Besides presenting full briefing and oral argument before the appellate courts, we consult with trial counsel on the appellate process and on trial strategy; we assist trial counsel in preserving and developing issues for appellate review; and we prepare dispositive motions, motions in limine, jury instructions, and post-trial motions.

Appellate Courts

  • Consult on the appellate process
  • Advise on brief drafting
  • Conduct moot courts to help prepare for oral argument
  • Prepare extraordinary writs
  • Prepare petitions for review of interlocutory orders
  • Advise and represent clients before appellate mediation
  • Prepare requests for retention to the Utah Supreme Court
  • Prepare petitions for writ of certiorari
  • Prepare merits briefs
  • Present oral argument

Trial Courts

  • Prepare post-trial motions
  • Consult on whether to appeal
  • Prepare summary judgment and other major motions
  • Advise on preserving and framing issues for appeal
  • Prepare motions in limine
  • Draft jury instructions
  • Monitor trials for appellate issues

Expert Witness

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediate complex civil cases
  • Serve as an arbitrator in complex civil cases

Michael Zimmerman arbitrates and mediates complex civil cases. He is on the roster of the American Arbitration Association and serves on the National Panel of Distinguished Neutrals for CPR: International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution at both the trial and appellate levels. He has served as an arbitrator in more than 100 matters since returning to practice in 2000, focusing on complex commercial disputes, including class actions, insurance matters, business torts, division of assets of a large school district, franchise terminations, and business dissolutions. His experience includes chairing multi-member panels and presiding as a single arbitrator in multi-day evidentiary proceedings. Michael has also mediated over 150 disputes in civil cases. Learn more about Michael Zimmerman’s practice. 

For assistance scheduling mediations, you may contact Miriam Strassberg of Utah ADR Services, , (801) 943-3730.  For assistance scheduling private arbitrations, you may contact , (801) 924-0200.